At Opportunities, we talked to ‘volunteers’ from a bunch of different companies. One of these volunteers was Amanda, who manages corporate sponsorship at Sedar Health, which is a non-profit, and are concerned with health issues like combating childhood obesity, and who get celebrity athletes to excite kids at events. They also buy the rights to celebrities “stories”, and use them to endorse products for companies like Procter & Gamble and various other major Olympic sponsors. So what they would do for example, is find some sort of pioneering character, like one of the first gay Olympics swimmers, and get her mom to tell a heart wrenching story about being the mother of one of the first openly gay athletes followed by wiping her tears away with Kleenex™.

The second volunteer we talked to was Shanelle, who has been working at TrustToken for 4 months, works in recruitment marketing for their financial blockchain tech company. She finds out how employees see working there as different from at other jobs, and tries to get stories from these individuals to promote the company. She looks for particular themes to capitalise on, but didn’t tell me what.

Last was Louis, who is a diversity recruiter for fintech giant and similarly innovative and blockchain associated company Ripple. A ‘diversity recruiter’ is a job focusing on the recruitment/application process of prospective employees. It also focuses on ‘cognitive diversity’. His goal is to become a philanthropist. Why? Because Louis wants to add value to the Earth.

When I got back to the youth shelter I passed by the girl who I saw yesterday recording Bobby’s sleep apnea snores (for Instagram) standing outside and handling black plastic bags. I didn’t say anything to her as I walked by. Just as I got inside and stood in the security line to sign in, there was this loud bang followed by the noises of falling glass. The girl I passed by was next to the window that smashed, and staff thought it was her. I kept repeating to them that I saw nothing, and the staff checked the security cameras to see if what happened and if she broke the glass or not. For some reason they showed everyone there the security footage, which you could see the entrance from the outside, including the sidewalk all the way up to the Tesla dealership across the street. You could clearly see what happened was some angry drunk walking by threw a rock at the window, causing it to smash.

When the security check was over, I was finally allowed inside and Candy saw me walk in. She told me that the aforementioned girl was just kicked out. This is because Person A (the girl) came in and was given a write up for having a drink stored in her bed so she threw a fit about it and called her friend. The entire time she was saying that if anyone has a problem with it, they can catch her hands 2 blocks from here. After everyone was sick of it (5 minutes in) Candy cheered and clapped, and Person A told her to shut the fuck up. Candy said she was just saying what everyone else was muttering. Staff members told Candy to shut up. Person A started pacing around and saying everyone is in here because no-one loves them, and they aren’t going anywhere else in life. Candy responded by saying that Person A is staying here too. Person A responds by calling Candy a tranny, and saying that she tattooed her eyes because no-one likes her. Person A says she’ll get her boyfriend to shoot Candy, and as soon as she’s 2 blocks away they’ll jump her. She said her boyfriend was close by for half an hour, but he never showed up.

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